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I really like the edits that you have made. It’s fantastic. I am incredibly pleased with how you have written my statement, though. And I am incredibly impressed and grateful you did so with such efficiency!

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Orthopaedic Specialties

  • Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedics
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Musculoskeletal Oncology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine
  • Orthopaedic Trauma
  • PediatricĀ Orthopaedics

Creating an Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement for Residency Application


The Importance of Your Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement

When you apply for your orthopedic surgeon residency you will know that you are going to be competing against many others for a very limited number of places. If you want to be successful you need to ensure that your application is absolutely spot on. Yet when you think about the bulk of the application to you will see that most of it will be about grades and qualifications, and there will be little to choose between you all. The selections panel will want to know more about who you are and how you will benefit from their residency.

The only place that you get to tell them in your own words who you and why they need to accept you is within your personal statement. A perfectly written orthopedic surgery personal statement can get you noticed and thus ensure that you get awarded a place. But remember that strong application paper is not only one thing you should be worried about since the next step is being prepared with perfect answers to common orthopedic residency interview questions.

Effective Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement

orthopedic surgery personal statement sample

Writing the Perfect Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement

Being selected for your orthopedic surgeon residency will take a truly outstanding personal statement. This will require you to do a huge amount of research into exactly what the residency expects from its applicants as well as how to write the perfect orthopedic personal statement. The best personal statements are those that will really make the reader see that you are perfectly qualified to enter their specific residency program.

If you can write an orthopedic residency personal statement that shows that you perfectly meet their every need then you will stand a very good chance of being selected; as long as it is also well written. This means that it needs to:

  • Open with a hook, this is an attention-grabbing couple of lines to gain the interest of the reader
  • Follow a simple storyline or theme that will make it flow well throughout
  • Avoids using clichés, and statements that are already obvious or irrelevant to your application
  • Is personal and honest, don’t talk about others or lie or exaggerate your own achievements
  • Language should be normal and concise, don’t use flowery speech or long words to try to impress

We Can Write Your Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement

We employ only highly qualified and very experienced writers for our orthopedic personal statements. Your writer will have a full understanding of what it will take to craft you a perfect orthopedic surgery personal statement. Our writers work directly with our clients to ensure that they fully understand you and your future goals allowing them to write a personal statement that will be impressive and highly personal, something that is vital if you get invited to interview.

If you want to improve your chances of being selected for your chosen residency program just contact us today for your orthopedic surgery personal statement.