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The human skeleton is probably one of the most interesting parts of the human body. It has a wide variety of purposes and you can note that we would never be able to survive without it being part of us. More than just a set of bones, the human skeleton is hardwired to the body itself and is attached to every known major system of the body. It is part of the circulatory system and helps produce red blood cells for the body, it helps to hold your body together and give it shape, it serves as an anchor of sorts for the muscles of your body and is what houses the major parts of your nervous system.


Anyway, here are just some of the more common parts of the skeletal system that you should be familiar with:

  • The skull. This is the main part of the skeletal system that houses the human brain. It is large and it is very solid, able to withstand powerful impacts without breaking. When we die, it is probably the most identifiable part of our bodies and is why it is all too often associated with death.
  • The spine. The spine is an intricate organ comprised of small bones called vertebrae. They form a kind of bridge in the body and is noted for differentiating animals like dogs, cats, snakes, frogs, fish and us humans from other animals like insects, snails and worms. In humans, their unique shape is what allows us to stand upright which is not something found in other animals. The spine, asides from the brain, is a major part of the human nervous system and any break in it can prove to be disastrous as it may cause paralysis in the body.
  • The ribs. The major bones of the human chest region. They form a cage over the lungs and heart and protect it from any and all kinds of damage that can arise. They are also quite intricate and are made to move whenever we inhale and exhale.
  • The pelvis. The pelvis is another important part of the body and composes the lower parts of our bodies. They are also some of the main ways that genders can tell each other apart as female pelvises seem to always be somewhat wider than male pelvises.

And if you want to start a career in helping people and their bones heal, perhaps the first thing that you need is an orthopedic residency personal statement. Of course requirements for orthopedic surgeon residency can vary from program to program, so make sure to check what you need for your application. Remember that you need to write your documents in a catchy way in order to impress an admission board. Luckily, creating a unique and professional orthopedic personal statement is right up our alley, so if you’re doubting about your writing skills don’t hesitate to avail our help.


A Career in Orthopedics

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If you remember just how many uses the human skeleton has in the human body, then you’ll understand how an orthopedic residency personal statement can be helpful. Here’s just a brief rundown of the skeleton’s significance in the body:

  • Gives the body shape.
  • Allows muscles to anchor themselves.
  • Protects important parts of the body.
  • Produces blood cells.

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